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What better way to spend an evening than gathered around listening to a classic tale of a brave hero saving a princess from a sinister demon lord bent on ruling the world? Sure, it may be the same story you've heard time and time again, but don't old stories get better with age?

So here we find our usual crew. A hero, a demon lord, and a princess all congregating to tell the story of the hero's triumph and the defeat of a great evil. Everyone here know their role and exactly how to carry it out. But what happens when the story doesn't go exactly as we know it? What if someone were to rewrite the story to something no one within it knows how to enact? Who's responsibility is it to put the story back on its track and find the happy ending we all know and love?

...Wait, didn't we do this once before?

Well, let's do it again, and we'll make it bigger and better this time!

Here Comes Brave Hero Yuusha EX!

This extended version of original Brave Hero Yuusha is Yuusha as you've never seen it before! Join the ragtag crew of the Yuusha, Demon Lord, and the Princess as they traverse the land to put the story of The Hero and the Demon back together and set the world right! Inspired by older console RPGs such as Dragon Quest and Hydelide, the EX version aims to sport a much more distinct visual style while keeping that classic adventure feel that you've come to love from RPGs of the 80s and 90s.

New features:
* Completely reworked graphics and visuals.
* A stellar new soundtrack by Agent Ape, and the ability to switch to the original chiptune OST at any time.
* Fully revamped combat with new skills, improved enemy AI, and a more satisfying challenge.
* Skippable encounters! If you are strong enough, flick those mean old random encounters away with the press of a button.
* Jokes I thought were funny in 2015 and still aren't.
* New battle animations.
* Choose between male and female appearances for the hero.
* A whole new postgame quest to enjoy.

Scripts used:

Fullscreen++ v2.2

Hime Battler Reposition
Hime Event Conditions
Hime Random Encounter Events
Hime Windowskin Change


Luna Engine v1.05
c2012 Enterbrain


Text Sound

Vehicle Passability 1.1

Yanfly Ace Message System
Yanfly Anti-Fail Message
Yanfly Hide Menu Skills
Yanfly Lunatic States
Yanfly Region Battlebacks
Yanfly Skill Cost Manager
Yanfly Skill Restrict
Yanfly Slippery Tiles
Yanfly State Animations
Yanfly System Options


Latest Blog

IT'S HERE! Brave Hero Yuusha EX is available!

Remember this image? It's alright if you don't.

But TODAY IS THE DAY! You can now get Brave Hero Yuusha EX on Steam and itch.io! Featuring 1.5x content of the original and lots of new features and improvements, I hope you'll give Yuusha a second go!

Steam page
Itch.io page


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YESSSS It's finally here! Loved the original and will DEFINITELY play this!
Looks pretty good... but id be more excited if it promised microtransactions and preorder bonuses. :P
The EX is for EXCITED
You are purposely choosing to feature gendered bugs?

The EX is for EXCITED

Heyo, I tested it. It gets my coveted and until-now-non-existant seal of approval, so that's a pretty big deal. Cool to see this out!
Whoa! thank you for the stellar review! I'm glad you had a great time with this remaster.

Yeah, I'm guessing your can't crosspost the review here on RMN because there's no download available here (though I'll admit posting it on Steam would be super helpful if you feel so inclined!)
author=Sgt M
Whoa! thank you for the stellar review! I'm glad you had a great time with this remaster.

Yeah, I'm guessing your can't crosspost the review here on RMN because there's no download available here (though I'll admit posting it on Steam would be super helpful if you feel so inclined!)

I tried posting on steam but I was having issues uploading it. might try again later today.
I'm a dog pirate
Full disclosure: this game was made by a friend, but my opinions are as honest as possible.

A Delightfully Wholesome Fairy Tale

Frankly, there aren't many games of this caliber on Steam for such a shockingly low price. Yuusha is undeniably polished, crafted with love, and loaded with useful lessons for both kids and adults. My only nitpicks are its slightly undercooked level design, occasional heavy-handed moments, and lack of challenge on hard mode. Even if it's not up your alley, you should still gift it to your child or younger sibling: it may just become their gateway drug into the joyous escapism of JRPGs!

Pitch-perfect in execution, Yuusha’s presentation is a charming concoction of Dragon Quest’s majesty, Kirby’s whimsy, and Earthbound’s surrealism. The developer's passion for these franchises just seeps through the screen without ever feeling derivative. Of particular note are the bright color choices, zany monster creations, and nostalgic character designs that serve the dreamy setting and are never jarring or bland. The music is equally lively, with the inclusion of a few somber pieces for the more serious moments.

STORY: 8/10
Yuusha is a simple fairy tale of two worlds with plenty of meta overtones: inhabiting worlds of realism and “dark playfulness”, most of the main characters are childish by design. Their naivety pays off because the story centers on forging one's own path and breaking free of debilitating habits and cliches. I found it quite touching to watch these individuals struggle and learn important life lessons. The subversion trope does become a little heavy-handed near the end, and the setting could have been developed further, but the spirited dialogue and lovable cast make up for these gripes.

The turn-based combat is equal parts easy and engaging, much like Final Fantasy. Characters have a ton of moves suited to their personality, including AoE skills, status ailments, poison/DoT abilities, physical attacks, buffs, debuffs, and much more. Some of these will devastate weak enemies, making fights a breeze for those who play optimally. Boss monsters have well-telegraphed and intuitive mechanics - such as evade-and-counter patterns and elemental shifts - that serve as simple attention and adaptability checks. These frequent twists never become chores, perhaps to a fault: the combat is almost TOO safe. I was disappointed by the lack of challenge, especially on hard mode. Those new to the genre will likely fumble with the trickier bosses and suffer occasional defeats, but they will figure things out eventually and feel accomplished for doing so. For these reasons, the combat feels perfectly balanced for casual players and never seems unfair.

The dungeons, towns, and puzzles are clever and well made - with lots of nooks and crannies along the way - but they are mostly straightforward and aren't as fleshed out as everything else. My favorite part was reconstituting a village full of missing locations and NPCs - a creative take on Dark Cloud that is mercifully streamlined to fit this game's tone and fast pace. After all, the creator’s goal is clearly not to anger or even challenge players, but to leave them feeling happy and engrossed: it’s here where the gameplay succeeds. Nothing becomes frustrating, and Yuusha is always enjoyable in at least the most basic sense. The relatively short playtime, clocking in at 5 hours (plus an hour or two of side content), is more succinct than brief. I never felt like I was being pushed along, and both the story and the dungeons resolved themselves in fulfilling ways.

Yuusha’s parts combine brilliantly into a unified theme of that “dark playfulness” I mentioned earlier. The combat, environments, and visuals serve the story above all else; nothing - not even the puzzles - feels out of place. Characters and monsters have mechanics that are relevant both to their identities and the story at large. The post-game is a truly compelling coda, with lots of creative fights and bonus lore to consume. Too many RPGs - especially on the indie scene - lack cohesion or thematic connections between each element. Yuusha, thankfully, is not one of them.

OVERALL: 8.5/10
As far as gameplay goes, this game definitely does the old NES style of RPG ​right​, which is really a rarity. It's still got that simplicity in exploration and combat, but both are given just enough extra flavor to keep it feeling fresh and a bit more modern. Dungeons aren't just bland, featureless mazes, and combat isn't just mashing the attack option and occasionally healing.

However, I wasn't really a big fan of the story. The writing is fine for the most part, lighthearted and charming, and it had some good ideas, but the execution is really weak when it comes to drama. Well, someone else on the itch.io page has already gone very in-depth with​ pretty much the same problems I had with it, so I probably don't need to rant about it or anything.

But anyway, I just gotta say, I'm a big fan of the combat visuals. It's not an exaggeration to say that I ended up playing specifically because of this. The pixel art is a bit rough, but there's plenty of style and personality in every monster sprite, and skill animations are unique, satisfying, and not too drawn out.
On that note, good on you for making the effort and going without RTP in general, I definitely know how big a task that can be. The new menu layouts are a nice touch as well.
Hey! Glad you had a good time with it overall. Glad to hear that you liked the overall look and feel of the game and that the new battle animations helped make the battles more enjoyable.

I definitely hear your feedback on the story and character development. The game's story was written back in 2014-2015 and was one of my first attempts at making an RPG of this caliber. I didn't change the the story all too much for the re-release (save for some dialogue, additional backstory for some of the antagonists, and the revamped final dungeon). Hopefully my writing has gotten a little better since then!

Thank you for playing! :)
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