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November Blog: Nearing the final stretch!

  • Sgt M
  • 11/08/2018 06:15 PM
You wouldn't think that development of Brave Hero Yuusha EX is so far along with the lack of any real progress updates outside of what I post on social media. So let's sit down and talk a bit about how things are going on this big overhaul.

Firstly I will say upfront that a significant amount of work had been done on the game before I made the game page, and I have been working on the project since about July. And while five months may not seem like a terribly long development time, it is also worth noting that the original Brave Hero Yuusha was largely made somewhere in the ballpark of 3.5-4 months, not counting the various prototypes I had leading up to what would eventually become that game.

To give you a rough breakdown of where everything currently stands:

- The overhaul of the main game is completely finished.
- About 80% of the new postgame content is finished. This includes three mini-dungeons, an arena mode where you can re-fight bosses, another larger postgame dungeon, and a few extra surprises.
- Battle animations, which were not in the original game at all, are about 90% finished.
- Assets for the new content are about 60% complete. The big postgame dungeon is a little more asset-intensive, so this is probably the "big thing" that still needs time.
- About 70% of the new OST by Agent Ape is complete.

Once I have everything I need in place, beta testing will begin, which I expect to last about a month. And following that, the big ol' release can happen! My estimate for release is either January or February 2019, but this is largely going to depend on how much time I'll be able to put into working on the game in the coming weeks. So I'm avoiding putting a definite release date on this project until I know 100% for sure that I'll meet that deadline.

As always, thank you all so much for following Brave Hero Yuusha!