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This is my entry for Seasons of RMN II. I chose autumn for my season, since it's the most nostalgic for me. Not sure why, it just is.

Meet Lake and Valerie, in their debut game.

They've both been friends for as long as they can remember. They did everything with each other. They formed a team. And since then, with their love of exploration, they've been on countless large adventures. Despite still only being teenagers. It almost seems as if they have an inseparable bond.

However, to Lake's shock, his friend falls gravely ill one day...

Nobody knows what caused it or where it came from, but it caused her to lose consciousness and her skin to turn pale... as it began to sap the life from her. Desperate, Lake looks everywhere for help, to do anything... to revive his friend.

A mysterious doctor shows up one day, listening to Lake's request. He tells Lake that his friend, Valerie, has only ninety minutes left to live. But, he also knows of a cure, which could potentially save her from death. Listening to the doctor's instructions, Lake sets out on a quest to retrieve the ingredients for the medicine... before it's too late.

  • RPG Maker 2000-inspired battles!
  • 90 minutes of gameplay!
  • A streamer mode that changes the soundtrack to (hopefully) avoid copyright infringement!
  • Lots of things to do!

Project Leader
Travis Foster

Concept and Design
Travis Foster

Additional Art

Music used (in order of appearance)
- Toreador March
- quiet.mid (unknown source)
- Moonlight Sonata
- If I Were A Rich Man
- Town1 - RPG Maker VX
- Scarlet Forest - Delta Rune (Crimson Forest)
MIDI by Mr. Riolu
- Rude Buster - Delta Rune
MIDI by LukeeGD
- Poke Mart - Pokemon Diamond / Pearl
- Shop 3 - RPG Maker 2000
- Sticker of Puyo Puyo - Puyo Puyo
- D007 - RPG Maker 95
- The World Revolving - Delta Rune
- House of the Rising Sun
MIDI from The Frozen World
- She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
- Wigglytuff's Guild - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time / Darkness
- Town5 - RPG Maker VX
- Geothermal - Cave Story
- Checker Dance - Delta Rune
- Lake - Pokemon Diamond / Pearl
- Ashley's Theme - WarioWare: Touched!
- Free for All - RPG Maker 2003
- morn.mid (unknown source)
- Liveliness - RPG Maker 2003
- 063-Slow06 - RPG Maker XP
- Life in the Mines - Donkey Kong Country
- Lost Labyrinth Act 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1
- Chaos King - Delta Rune
- Battle5 - RPG Maker VX
- Don't Ever Forget - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time / Darkness
- Stand Up Strong - Mother 3

Scripts Used:
- Universal Message System
by Ccoa
- HP / SP Bars and Damage Numbers
by GreatRedSpirit
- Caterpillar Party System
by fukuyama
- "Stack level too deep" fix
by ThallionDarkshine
- Eight-directional Movement
by DerVVulfman
- Item Storage
by game_guy
- Better Battle Results Window
by Ragnarok Rob
- RPG Maker 2000-esque Battle Window
by Hako
translated by Lockheart
- Change Tilesets with Script
by Ryethe and Leon
- Better Status Window
by Travis Foster
- Battle Music Fix
author unknown

Sounds Used:
- Electrocardiogram Sound Effects
by guitarguy1985

Sound Attributions:

Beta Testing:
- ShinyKitten07
- lavendersiren

Special Thanks:
- lavendersiren, for helping me with "Stack level too deep" fix
- Windows 10 for updating on me even when I told it not to

Q: What happened to Fight for Life KARTZ?
A: That was an April Fools' joke. If you still wish to download the demo of game you can do so in the downloads section.

This game is only to be downloaded from RMN. If you find this game being sold or hosted elsewhere, PLEASE contact me.

Latest Blog

Fight for Life - Director's Cut

Coming soon, as an update to this demo...

Fight for Life - Director's Cut

With better graphics, an expanded story and bigger areas, as well as no longer running on an engine that works about as well as a chromebook, it's a worthy upgrade to a worthy game.

Now in development -- slated for release sometime in 2022.
  • Production
  • Soulrain
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 12/22/2018 12:27 AM
  • 10/12/2021 07:31 AM
  • 01/10/2019
  • 21475
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I love the look of the characters!
@JRibbons Thank you! Sorry I didn't reply right away...
I'm a dog pirate
I like what I see so far! Music selection is quite good (even if some of it is non-free). Mapping is solid. Huge earthnound/pokemon vibes. The minigames were a nice wrinkle, and everything seems fairly well balanced so far. I'm about 30 minutes in and will play more soon.
Hello Soulrain. Great game(Dieses Zeichen ist nicht auf Deutsch).
Maybe I will play a XP game, Soul

And do you say 90 minutes of gameplay because you have a timer going, that what it is? If so :(
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