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MISAOS Best Title 2019 and other things

While the award for the best title is a reward not directly related to the quality of the game itself, I am nonetheless really thankful for all of the support.

Beyond that, I think a status update is a bit overdue. I've been debating mentioning the things listed here for a few months now since a bit of attention might be directed back here again this might be the best time to finally mention them.

As far as my RPG Maker projects are concerned, 2019 was not as productive as I would have liked it to be. But going in I knew that would be the case.

Compared to Flip Dimension's development, which I started very late into High School and worked on for the majority of my college career, I started fully mostly myself to IVEKNEC just before acquiring a full-time job.

I will say, however, the project was ever really on hiatus nor do I plan it to be. I'm just saying that it took me a while to really get adjusted working full time.

I'd be lying if I said that was the only thing in the way, however. A much bigger issue that has gotten in my way for many months after the release of Chapter 1, I struggled on the script for Chapter 2.

This isn't really an issue of not planning ahead... I know what I'm doing for Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and all the events up to the finale. I just thought I knew what I wanted to do with Chapter 2 until I realized I didn't actually like what I had planned for it. It didn't lead from Chapter 1 very well, nor did it lead to Chapter 3 very well. So that took several rewrites.

As for what I've been doing since uploading Chapter 1, I have decided that I wanted every major area in the game to be functional, if not at least mapped, before eventing the story for Chapter 2. Over the past year, I have been chipping away at the dungeons and towns across the empire. It's a steady process.

As for what's to come next, the vision for the game is still the same. Towns will have multiple development phases and progression will lean a bit on the non-linear side.

Anyways, to anyone reading this thank you for checking out the game!