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Made for the Seasons of RMN II: Summer event. (This game was going to be significantly bigger, but a nasty lingering flu and power outage kinda blew up the plans. Also winter sucks.)


Ice Cream Island War is a strategy rpg, or tactical rpg depending on who you ask, that is focused more heavily on the rpg and open world elements. For example there is an overworld map where you can move to a certain location and interact with objects or locations. All maps can be re-entered and some will change over the course of the game. All characters who will join the player’s army are optional, but it is *highly* recommended to get them all. The game can be saved during battle, before entering a dangerous location, or at the friendly Snow Maiden statue that will also heal the army.

You take control of the Ice Prince during his quest to re-unite the kingdoms of Ice and Cream in a bloody war. Or at least thats what his detractors protest. His success lies in your hands.


The land of Ice Cream Island was once a peaceful, united kingdom. With long winters they perfected the craft of frozen foods and treats. But...then came the Sun. A warming of the island happened and the Island was set to turmoil. Ice became a valued commodity and people would do anything to acquire it. Soon the United Kingdom of Ice Cream Island was shattered into two entities; the Ice Kingdom in the north and the Cream Kingdom in the south. Now both kingdoms are devasted by war and the everlasting summer that threatens to melt their world.


Jimothay: The Ice Prince and hero of the story. One brother of many, Jimothay is in the middle, and has worked hard to become knowledgable in all the ways a noble of Ice needs to be to survive. Skilled with a blade and a forklift.

Ice King: Ruler of the Ice Kingdom. Extremely old despite his appearance. Wishes to see the Island be united once more.

Agitha: Royal Assassin under her Ice Kingdom masters. Really enjoys her work. Skilled in tossing daggers and disgusted looks. A truly lovely person, and we’re not just saying this under threat of death. Honest.

The Dancer: Dancers are a common sight among the dirty slush on the side of the road. They dance, laugh, and seduce their way into their audiences pockets for survival.

The Shooter: Sometimes you just have to shoot someone. Maybe they looked at your daughter, maybe they stood on your lawn. No matter the transgression, they have to be shot.

The Mage: Ice Magic takes a drastic toll on an individual who uses it too much or for too long. Passions cool, logic solidifies, and eventually hope freezes to death in an emotional wasteland.

The Bandit Queen: She’s of noble blood, cross her heart, and one day she will take her place on the throne. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but one day...Until then she subsists on ketchup packets and hamburgers gleaned from trashcans.

The Lackey: Wholly obedient to the Bandit Queen, he does everything she wishes. But alas, senpai does not notice him. Has a fine garden gnome collection buried on a nearby island.

Credits: Story, edits, etc by Delsin7. SRPG Studio RTP by SapphireSoft. Plugins by Delsin7, o-to, LadyRena, Goinza, Pikmin1211, Ragnarok, Mr. Milele, nobu 9, Kyubu, wiz, Nematima, Mr. 1-239, and more.

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I'm a dog pirate
It's kinda adorable in a way, and does a nice job showcasing some of the perks of this engine. I really enjoyed all the items scattered throughout the territories (and just the sheer amount of exploration available upfront). The battles are certainly unbalanced but there's a rhythm to it once you do some trial and error and figure out what areas you can tackle first.
Thank you for the cameo :3
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