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Humans VS. Nephilim is a short adventure game made with RPG Maker MV and the Chrono Engine created by Moghunter. It seems that the human race will lose the war against the Nephilim, an evil crossbreed between humans and demons, nearly the whole army of the noble human king were decimated. Find the Nephilim King on the battle field and kill him if you can, if not it might surely be the end of humanity.

About the game:

- slay your enemy with different kinds of weaponry
- choose your weapons and items wisely to defeat heavy vehicles
- collect Gold to upgrade your armor


How to play:


Plugin: Rgss Atelier Moghunter Chrono Engine
Supportive Assets: RPG MAKER MV, Moghunter

For more please visited my homepage at: www.deviantart.com/philemonsart

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