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Dark Fantasy Yuri that scratched that itch~

First off, it's refreshing to see a yuri title that isn't fluffy or sweet in some way. Not to say that such titles are invalid, or that I don't have an inkling to play them every now and again, but something with a darker tone, even something if the story does afford itself humor it very much appreciated.


It's your usual RPG-fare; turn-based battles with systems in place for rage-based attacks, if you want to save on your MP, or if your character is more of a warrior. I honestly have no strong bugbears about the combat; it does what it needs to adequately. The army battle scenes seem a little easy to cheat; I basically picked archers all the time and picked everyone off until I won. Dunno, the Archers seemed OP to me. But these were a nice distraction and, if they were only optional bits, then they also served their purpose.

Exploration...kinda sucks in this game. Whether it's the darkness that makes it hard to make stuff out, even with a lamp or the general lack of indication of where you can go or what items you can get from exploration and I found myself not willing to do it. Even if I did get a goodly amount of items.


The visual design and aesthetic fits the theme of the game quite well, lending itself to the dark fantasy atmosphere and even the use of some of the vanilla assets of the RPG Maker fits well. You somehow made it work and you have my greatest kudos. The music...didn't do all that much for me. Sure, it was good and it fit the situation, but it was nothing to write home about. Also, this is a nitpick, but I would have loved to see more art when interacting with the Love Interests. ^^;


I love the story, even if the general premise has been done before; Light Is Not Good and Dark Is Not Evil, the Good/Neutral/Evil dichotomy and so on and so forth. I don't want to spoil too much for people who want to go in blind, but in my opinion, it was very engaging, especially with the humor peppered throughout it. The story is never TOO Dark Fantasy that it can't have a laugh and I appreciate it. And also, while there are moments where sexual situations were not fully consensual like another reviewer pointed out; to me, it seemed more like the characters in question were Lovable Sex Maniacs and not abusers and/or r***ists. That said, I can see how that can be off-putting for some, so exercise due caution. (FYI: there is due warning for this)


I feel like the game can be improved in a lot of ways, but I left with my experience being overall positive. While its problems prevent me from giving it a higher score, this is a game I would recommend wholeheartedly for people looking for a dark, but not that dark, Yuri game~


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Thank you for the review~! I was indeed going for something a little darker with some lighthearted scenes scattered throughout. So it would never become too much. I am glad I was able to provide something like that which I felt was a little... rare.

For the combat, I'm glad that it was at least adequate~ I can't say I'm a very skilled developer so hearing it was acceptable is praise of itself~

The exploration part, Yeah, I kind of struggled with the lighting to be honest. It's hard for me to think what is "atmospheric" and what is "uncomfortable" considering I know the maps inside out myself, and something is likely off with either my screen or my eyes~ I attempted changing this a few times but... Never to an acceptable level.

As for more art. I actually commissioned an artist after I released the game but they are extremely busy. So it will likely take a while before I can feature it in my game. After taking over three years of work I didn't want to take it down again for another 2~years.

I'm glad the story was to your liking at least! I kind of hoped I could make the several routes stand out more than they did, but in the end I am somewhat satisfied with it and don't know how I could have improved it much.

As for the kissing and groping, I tried to make it come across as just friendly 'over-eager lovers' but, that is hard to nail down without becoming creepy to some people. While I can tell they do it from a place of adoration. That in it's own is obviously no excuse. Still I wanted it in to contrast the main character's 'inexperience' in the area of love. Something which for some reason people don't seem to mind if the MC is male.

I'm glad your experience was a positive one, And I will try to use the feedback where possible. So I won't make the same mistakes (such as the darkness) in future projects!
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