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Dev Blog 2 - Twin City, Twitter

Hey, all, it's Adrian back at it again with another game development update. The development of the game has been going pretty well. Currently I'm working on the 4th major town in the game: Twin City. The town is "snow" themed, with a twins subtheme. I've already got all of the events and whatnot written for the town, I just have to go through and pound out the design elements. Most of which, to be honest, are done at this point. I've been working on the game quite a bit recently as I've found myself with some extra time.

I don't think to post regular game dev blogs here, but if you'd like to see the minute-by-minute Trash Planet updates, including screen shots and my thoughts on the game, make sure you follow me on twitter: twitter.com/trashplanetgame

Once I reach 500 followers, I'll be uploading whatever I have finished of the game as a Demo. That should be incentive to follow me on the ol Twitter if you're interested in seeing what I have so far!