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The Abyssal of the Opera is a game made for the TimTam Slam Jam. It takes place in the shared RM universe Arum. Though this game is completely stand alone - although if you are familar with other games in the universe you may notice a few references. Geographically this game is set in an Opera House located in Rumen (the same country as Sunken Spire).

During a performance at an Opera House, a rift to the Abyss opens up and an abomination steals the lead singer. Naturally this is a problem that can not be ignored. A hero is called to come to the rescue...

The hero! He specialises in using a wide range of weaponry but is not what you'd call a team player. However as he is going to learn the crew at the Opera House are not to be sidelined. The challenges that lie ahead will test Arthur like never before; minions from the Abyss, uppity Opera House staff, crumpled outfits, 2 star reviews, untuned pianos, cold steak... Can you help him overcome these obstacles?

An understudy to the victim, she is great at mimicing enemies and can even learn some of their skills! She is a quick study and will prove useful in your quest.

A travelling Bard currently employed at the Opera House he plays a range of instruments and while most of his songs can be played on any instrument, some extremely powerful songs can only truly be appreciated on the composers' intruments of choice. So choose his instrument carefully.

One of the unseen members of the Opera House, Rita is the queen of behind the scenes, she is in charge of carpentry and prop design. She can change scenery in a flash using her summoning magic. While in the party Rita can summon additional equipment that the party can use.

Anyway we hope you enjoy Abyssal of the Opera (and if you're username is Liberty, we hope you enjoy it enough to send us biscuits).

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Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Something's wrong with the controls; it automatically selects "new Game" and seems to speed through the first few dialog boxes before they can be properly read.
???? I can't replicate what you mention at all. There's not automatic setup on the intro, so all I can guess is that maybe you have some stuck key in your keyboard???or are you pressing the skip button (page down)?
Sorry but I've tried and it works fine, waits for input as normal.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Now with 200% more CSS by yours truly
Awesome game!
I laughed a lot in some scenes.
I like the cast since their dialogue really showed their personalities well.
Awesome game!
I laughed a lot in some scenes.
I like the cast since their dialogue really showed their personalities well.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it.
I played through the game this is what I thought.

The main menu could have a song to describe the mood of the game
- The intro song is nice and catchy but, you could turn the volume of the song up
- The tutorial after you mastered the skill seemed in trusive because it was in the middle of the cutscene of Arthur going to the eye. You should have had when you actually have access to the menu.
- I like how you subverted the troupe of the hero saving the day
- Some the text is a little too big in the menus so you could use Yanfly’s Text plugin to shrink so they fit.
- The game has a lot of personality and how you integrated music and stageplay into the game

Overall, I enjoyed the experience the game offer, it didn't feel like many RPGs I have ever played based on its setting alone. I also liked how each character had a role to play in battle which made each character invaluable. I think the characters were the stars of the show (literally) they were quite a joy to watch and I liked how each of their personalities played off each other.

I was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble you wouldn't mind taking a look at my game as well? https://rpgmaker.net/games/11486/
Hi! Cool game, a couple of hiccups w/ the final boss but I really enjoyed it!

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