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Fantasy dungeon as post-apoc bunker

This game was created within two weeks of an event, the version which I played is the event version.

First Impressions

The game opens with a short dialogue as characters walk through a canyon on the way to the opening. The leader is for some reason an Owl called King, who does not join the adventure but stays in the opening area to provide advice and a useful teleport function.

After the opening, you are given rough directions to Bunker 9 (the main dungeon) and left to it.

As with Marrend's previous event games, the starting area has a skeleton from which you can get an easy mode sword (it gives an auto-win skill as well as equivalent stats to the best sword in the shop).

Interpretation of Theme

The theme image clearly inspired the character design of the main party, as well as the setting of the dungeon. The characters are mercenaries doing the job for a paycheck without concern for consequences so that could be "nefarious" too.
Overall a good job was done here.


The maps are using mostly RTP graphics, and other than a couple of wall decorations with incorrect passability, have been made reasonably well. The map design generally forces you to take the long route around the map, while opening shortcuts later. Interactable objects are marked with sparkles so you won't need to interact with everything on the map. This is welcome with the high encounter rate.


This is the strongest point of the game, the vignettes found by inspecting map objects give an interesting backstory to the dungeon. The implied setting is quite different from the overt one.

Items all have funny little descriptions as help text.


The core gameplay is fight enemies, sell vendor trash, buy better gear, repeat. It is quite quick to buy the best armour, after which nothing can really touch you anymore. Unfortunately your basic attacks are weak even with the best weapons, and skills use a lot of TP so can generally only be used once at the start of a fight followed by a few rounds of attack or guard.

To be a good dungeon crawler, the battles need to be balanced. These were not, and felt like pillow fights in the lower levels of the dungeon where enemies had high HP.


Take the easy mode sword and use "broken blade" when fights become boring. Play this game for the story parts.


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Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
I probably had way more fun writing the descriptions of items, weapons, and armor (of which have numerous shout-outs) than I should have had.

I agree with the point on balancing, though. At one point, there was an idea to have each weapon have it's own "Attack" skill, with an ever-increasing base power. Very similar to how Myriad Cypher handed it's weapons, only without an increase of cost. I felt that I would be kinda repeating myself, and wouldn't be doing anything new if I did that. Maybe I should have gone that route regardless? I dunno.

Regardless, thanks for giving this a go!

The leader is for some reason an Owl called King...

I suppose it was more than a mere consideration. I don't know if there are other games that have owls to count towards that right now. Maybe for the birthday event this year? I dunno. We're only in early Jund June!
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