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Investigate the mysteries of Facility 5. Retrieve the data disc, and get out. Do not deviate from the mission. Time is of the essence. You cut through the cosmos to get here, but were you the first? Who are these shades that wander the Facility's halls? Why are some things familiar and others strange to you?

We are the cyborg agent, two minds in one body. I am the organic: Operative Lacuna, and My Computer is the electronic. Separately we are weak, but together we are strong. I am here to make the big decisions, My Computer is to provide support. Lacuna, you know I have the faster reactions. Don't try and micromanage so much.

Use your psychic powers to pull memories and generate programs from your enemies.
Manage limited memory slots to balance power and integrity.
React to enemy battle tactics and interrupt when you need to.

This game is an RPG with horror elements, intended to be unsettling rather than gory.

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