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Welcome to the world of Nimbin, a world full of strange characters and even stranger characters. Shooty and Zaat are a team dedicated to solving mysterious monster mysteries, for a price of course, as much as they love what they do they cant do it just for the love ya know. In todays episode a call comes in from the town of Spectre, its a noise complaint of all things... Seems like the local ghosts in the financial district dont know how to keep their spooky talk holes shut!

Shooty and the Catfish is an episodic series with 5 episodes in total planned, each of these episodes building on the mechanics and story as they go. With a Game Boy Color inspired aesthetic and an original EDM soundtrack by Jim Hort and a unique resource management based combat system, I hope you enjoy this first entry into this strange new series.

A Game by Visitors From Dreams
Music by Jim Hort
Additional Music by Agent Ape: https://agentape.bandcamp.com/
Promo Art by Nathan Malone: https://www.artstation.com/zekeyspaceylizard

Latest Blog

The Spoopies - Dev Diary 02

Another week, another update, and lemme tell ya progress was made!

While I didnt get to put in as many hours as I had hoped I would be able to this week I still manage to get the town of Spectre completed. All of the NPC dialogue (pre dungeon atleast), all of the flavor text, all the functionality, its all there. Feels great having this section wrapped. Its not quite as dynamic as the town of Grit in episode 1 but the dungeon in this episode has a lot more character interaction going on so hopefully that makes up for it.

Also for the first time in the series we have vehicles! Yes, thats right, as pictured above you get to go sailing in a hotdog AND you get to fly around in a disembodied cows udder, how much further off the rails can the game go? Well I guess we can only find out with time!

Tomorrow I will start rebalancing the dungeon as it was originally balanced when all 5 episodes were in the game together so its going to take a little work. I also want to make the navigation of the dungeon more interesting and flesh out the story telling within it.

Until then, keep on developing!
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Good to see you sticking with the two cute fellas!
Good to see you sticking with the two cute fellas!

Ive got 4 more "stories" I gotta tell ha ha. I might take a break and make another micro game like Hazmat after this episodes finished though, to mix things up a bit.
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