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Best RPG ever made on RPG Mkr 2k3

  • Setzer
  • 06/30/2020 01:21 PM
I can't find the words to describe how beautiful this game is. but I'll try.
To put it blunty, when you play this game, you end up love it, or hate it. Skydancer is a beautiful story about a tormented love, where love isn't shown as tenderness or positiveness. Love can make you hate yourself, can turn itself into obsession or turn yourself into a monster. It's very hard to describe the plot in its entirely here, because it's full of facets and characters worthy of particular attentions. Of course the authors took inspiration from other works such us Fist of the north star, naruto, Fallout, but the result is something vivid and absolutely original. The narration take place in the post atomic Japan, where life itself is worthless. Sanji Tatsuke and Shin Tanaka are the two protagonists of the story. The first is the leader of a bunch of terrorists who fights the ruler of Neo Tokyo for several reason that I don't wanna spoiler here, while the second is a badass martial artist who come back to Tokyo in the beginning only to keep the promise he made to his old friend Yoko after a long time. I really LOVED how the Authors created the characters of the game. Even though they are all some kind of "super humans" (they use ki balls or they can perform super jumps and stuff like that), they were built taking into account of all the human fragilities, fears, and hopes. Shin is such a powerful characters, who can defeat a Neo Soldiers' platoon alone but he is so fragile, so "selfish" and I think that I can barely consider him a "hero". All his choices are wrong, he can't deal with his guilts.
I would like to talk about the plot, but I really suggest you to play the game because Skydancer is such a beautiful story which deserve to be lived and undestand by yourself.

The gameplay is simply amazing, and I think it's really one step up of most of commercial games I've played in these years. The battles are really immersive, and at the first glance they could seem to be hard but if you go ahead, when you understand the combat mechanics, you'll see that everything here has beed studied in details! When you choose the enemy, you have to press a directional key to perform your attack. The up arrow hit the enemy one time in a turn but it provides you 2 combo points. The left arrow attack, hits the enemy 2 times per turn but it provides you 1 combo points. The down arrow is a special attack which bypass the Shell gauge of the enemy (a special gauge which "shields" the enemies HP). If you're quick enough to press the Shift Button after you character's attack, you will perform a special Combo using the Combo points you've earned. Every attack consume your stamina (the up arrow provides you a less stamina consumption while with the left arrow you consume more stamina points) You can also use a special powerful attack which can cause some kind of brutal killing (every monster has a very gory animation!) to improve the EXP at the end of the battle.
Everytime your characters level up, they'll earn Jutsu points that can be used in the chessboard menu to unlock new statics, new combos, new techniques and stuff like that. You can also equip your characters with "protoshell". Protoshell are special equipment which provide them new abilites such as the power to heal your allies, or to deal neutral or elemental damage to the enemies.

The soundtrack is really amazing and well fit in the context (the battles ost are really outstanding, especially the regular boss fight theme!)

Well, in the end Skydancer is one of the...no...is the best game ever made with RPgmaker 2003, I can't even imagine how beautiful would have been to play it if it were made with the newest tool, but maybe it would have lost its fascination.
This game will be forever branded into my heart.



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Man this is amazing thank you *_* :***
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