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MechScape is a retro sci-fi 1990s-styled RPG-lite game based on my webcomic of the same name inspired by the comics, games, and cartoons of that era.

Gameplay consists of slideshow-style text/picture segments detailing the story with RPG combat segments scattered throughout. Although the player character- named as SecurityBot in the game’s menus, but nameless within the game’s universe- starts off with only one ability, it can gain more by copying Skills from its opponents. These form the entirety of SecurityBot’s arsenal- unlike other RPGs, every Skill SecurityBot uses costs Skill Energy (akin to MP in other games), and there is nothing resembling a cost-free “Attack” option. In accordance with this, you can recover Skill Energy when you run low on it. Skills are both vital for progressing in the game and serve as MechScape’s main collectable.

MechScape tells the story of a long-dormant robot that awakens in a dystopian world conquered by a computer virus and its journey to escape an abandoned laboratory while being guided by a mysterious voice. Urged on by the being speaking to it through its radio, the robot traverses the alternate dimension contained in electrical systems known as Cyberspace. Along its journey, SecurityBot will come into contact with the inhabitants of the laboratory and be forced into conflict with the Viruses that now rule the planet. Fortunately, SecurityBot has been built to assimilate the Skills of these creatures and delete them. Thus, this lone robot forges on- in search of what, it does not yet know.

The game is illustrated almost entirely in CGI, and the graphics are designed to resemble those of game consoles from the late 1990s-early 2000s in keeping with MechScape’s retro styling (some of the icons are still using the placeholder graphics that came with RPG Maker, but I hope to remove those soon). It is written in the style of the era as well, reflecting the type of dialogue and plot that was common in sci-fi stories of the time. I hope that this will lend it a nostalgic look and feel.

I am posting the game here in order to get feedback on how to make the game better. I hope you enjoy, and any feedback would be appreciated!

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