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Liberta is a dungeon-crawler RPG. You will be able to choose which character you will play as. Then you'll battle monsters in a mysterious dungeon, gaining points and new items as you go. The storyline is fairly well written, and will surely suprise you at the end. Different paths in the game will take you to the same fate.

Liberta is being built on the old Liberta's code, engine, and graphics. And the game already runs under Wine. Liberta is being created using RPG Maker 2003 (RPM2k3). The game is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista and Linux (In Wine). Liberta can also be hacked & moded.

Website: http://www.liberta.eu.pn/

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  • 04/30/2009 04:37 PM
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  • 06/07/2009
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Game finished. Go to Liberta's website to download. www.liberta.eu.pn.
I downloaded your game today, because I love dungeon crawlers, but I'm feeling a bit...er...confused.
Correct me if I'm wrong:
- You begin at level 2, and the next level is awfully far away. At level 3, you get no spell. (maybe later?)
- You have only your basic equipment : no healing item or spell. Nothing in town, but you don't have money anyway to buy anything, and you can't return there from the moment when you embark. In fact you can't even exit the dungeon. So you get money, but can't use it.
- There are no chests to be found in the maze, except two in the beginning of each level (one weapon, one healing item). The enemies don't drop anything.
I didn't go any further than the icy level, because the enemies made my chara lose around 50 HP with one single hit.
So how are you supposed to play that game? The potions (+ 50HP, and then + 250 HP) are not enough to recover. Are you supposed to cross fingers hoping to not meet any enemy? Did I miss hidden items? Is there a merchant somewhere in the maze?
did I miss an exit? (though just before entering the maze, you are told that you will be unable to go out)
Most of the houses in town were closed: was there a way to enter?
Or did I download a bugged version? I hope so. This game could be fun to play, if there was a way to heal the chara.

well this game is so badly bugged you can't even do anything in the first town, I decided to not waste my time on this game and i just peeked at the ending in the maker, and it sucks badly. maybe i'm being a bit harsh, but if you wanna have a twist ending there are better things to do, better luck on your next game if you decide to make one.
First of all, the game is not bugged. It is mean't to be hard. Your character is not invinceble. Your not able to go into any buildings in town. And here's a suggestion, save your game after each battle.
Sorry, Nick, but I will get rid of your game: this game is not hard, it's unplayable, unless the player tries and avoid all the enemies, what doesn't make sense.
The maze itself is nice, but you really should make some changes, you know:
- Considering that at level 3, your chara has max 429 HP, and can be swiped out in three or four enemies strikes in the icy floor (if you managed to get there with full HP, that is, what's impossible);
- considering that there is no way to get healed or cured, depriving you of any chance to get far into the dungeon;
- considering that, unlike real roguelikes, there are no mysterious potions that have to be tried at your own risks, no items that could be cursed or even lethal scattered here and there, no spells useful or useless;
- considering that walking again and again in the same empty corridors without almost anything to find, and only be beaten is no fun.
The first purpose of making a game is to have pleasure making it, and pride showing it. But remember that the second purpose is to see people having fun playing your game.
I'm sorry, but I have no fun playing your game. Only stress, and people just don't play only to be stressed. at least, not me.
I hate to be harsh, but that's what I think.
I meant "dungeon crawler", not roguelike". Sorry.
It does not seems very impressive from the screens, all looks rtp'ish and the game looks very amateuristic. Not that there is anything bad about that. But you might want to spice it up a bit.
When I click the DL or site link, it says website not found.
When I click the DL or site link, it says website not found.

Here's a re-upload.

Liberta - Remake
sorry but after beating this just now,i cheated, since it was the only way >.>. (is it ok to mention cheat engine on this site? if not i'll change this or someone can delete this post) its more or less impossible to beat this game
Ok dude wow I'm so sorry but this is horrid. I get it's meant to be hard but damn dude are you trying make it like Demon Souls or what? I know it's a dungeon Crawler but try looking at Summon Night as a example as professional dungeon crawlers.
I suppose this is one of the many games that has been rendered effectively unplayable on this site. Unless someone has a copy of this game floating around.
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