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In the Downloads tab you can find the extended version of the demo that comes with the soundtrack versions of the BGM and uncompressed SFX.
The default download is the LITE version which has been severely compressed by means of using MIDI files.
You must go to the RPG_RT.ini text file and edit the typo to "FullPackageFlag=1"
if you are to download the non-LITE version.

It seems what's booming nowadays is this so called Devil Game, a sliding block action puzzle game where each player puts their Devil Blocks to rumble and claim their 5 life flags. Sounds crazy, but it's everywhere, and it seems that our cute protagonist Marina will have to play to win, that is, win her mission to slay demons! Why, even they are playing Devil Game. What has this world come to? Well, it sure is a fun way to save the world, huh?

To win a Devil Game match, you must win 5 games by reaching the opponent's life flag. Slide around their levels and watch out to not get hit by their Devil Blocks, or slide off the stage. It will count as them reaching YOUR life flag, so in a sense, you have 5 lives to survive with. The game has 20 stages (100 levels) and each stage introduces a new way to throw you off. Have fun!

Listen to the OST here! (Disc 01)

Currently, only the demo is available. (5 stages/25 levels)

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Back in production!

The Devil Game - APG is now out of its hiatus. Stay tuned!
  • Production
  • BrutalMoon
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Action Puzzle
  • 07/08/2019 02:54 PM
  • 12/05/2019 07:02 PM
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There's a typo in rpg_rt.ini that prevents the game launching without RTP
"FullPackageFlage=1" should be "FullPackageFlag=1"
There's a typo in rpg_rt.ini that prevents the game launching without RTP
"FullPackageFlage=1" should be "FullPackageFlag=1"

Thank you very much for the heads up.
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