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A very short walking simulator made for "A Rainbow of Positivity 2019". I'd hoped to make more, but inexperience and deadlines did me no favors. I hope you'll get some enjoyment out of the game.

His name is Jack, he's new in the town of Vestin, and he's found out he really likes someone..a guy named Phil. When he tries to confess, though, he gets what seems to be a lukewarm response and leaves feeling dejected...until he receives a message on his phone telling him where to go to find "the key". With the mysterious sender refusing to answer any more questions, he decides to investigate and find out what's hidden for him there. Control him, read what's written inside, flip switches, and discover Jack's true self as well as Phil's true self.

Do a little bit of adventuring in a seemingly ancient cave area, and see what's hidden down below while discovering who else has been inside before you and what they've written. Maybe you'll find out a little bit more about the town of Vestin too while you're at it.

Arrow keys - Movement
Z or Enter - Confirm
X or Shift - Cancel

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