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Heading into 2023

  • Darken
  • 12/17/2022 02:50 AM
Hey so it's pretty obvious that the game is not coming out in 2022, sorry about that. I work full time at a mobile game studio and the machine that BREATHES is essentially done in my spare time. However I have been making slow but steady progress and have decided to bring on help to address the amount of coding that still needs to be done. I am just one person so I think it'll help realign for me to explain to someone else what actually needs to get done and who should work on what. I'll have this person available for a few months, so my goal is to use this as motivation to push through and get the game over the finish line.

This update is really just passing the "Yes I'm still alive and working on this project" check. As for when the game will be done, the official word is SOON. I just don't know yet and don't want to over promise and under deliver. I've seen a lot of games lately that get rushed to hit a release date, and I just don't want it to be that. No shade to anyone that has to hit a deadline for whatever reason, but I want this game to feel like a well-rounded experience and not "Oh that's it?" So if things change or circumstances come up just know that I'm trying to ensure that it isn't just kicked out the door. That said I should probably temper expectations by saying it's looking like a 5 hour experience. Some potential replay-ability, but that will likely be added after launch.

Stay breathing!


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Super excited to play it when it's done! Take your time, I'm glad you're still plugging away!
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