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THRONE is an indie JRPG project founded upon artistic expression. As expected from any contemporary JRPG, players battle bosses, adventure unknown realms, and gather collectibles.
Nonetheless, THRONE individuates itself with many unique features:
-“Small open world” reminiscent of Dark Souls (Levels are organized to interconnect in a satisfying way)
-Replayability from rogulike elements such as randomly selected dungeon layouts and loot
-Driving 50 "day" in-game time limit before the end of the world
100% hand-illustrated graphics
-Grinding is a thing of the past-- character progression is attached to puzzle solving, adventure, and challenging battles
-Boundless lore from notes organically integrated with the world
-Atmospheric and crepuscular lighting
-Moving but minimalistic piano soundtrack
-Retro turn-based combat inspired by SNES-era JRPG classics

To the residents of Trople Isle, it would not be evident the end is nigh. The moon rises in the East and falls in the West, as it always has. After all, these are cosmic matters; he consumes systematically and indiscriminately. Far beneath the fields where citizens work themselves to the bone, a heat festers. In a last-ditch effort to protect her throne, the moon selects her avatar-- you.
The sun will rise in fifty moons. Are you prepared to intercept?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have! All constructive criticism is welcome! Please reach out if you are interested in contributing to this project. You can be sure that a free demo is coming soon. :)

Please follow this blog for continuous updates!

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THRONE’s adventure begins on the densely forested surface of Trople Isle. This small nation is governed by the “Fraternity of Knara”, a militant religious organization.

(Also- Does anyone know how to make images smaller on this website? I would be very appreciative if you told me how!)
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