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The OST is out! Thank you RMN for all the support

Listen to the OST here!

Music by Nat Wesley and Bruno Buglisi

Thank you to the RMN community for giving Grimm's Hollow the Misao for 'Best First Game' & 'Star Stealing Prince' in 2019, as well as all of your support - including features and interviews! I really look forward to returning to this community one day with a new game or project in hand. Until then, here's a remastered album of the tracks. Hope you enjoy :)


Grimm's Hollow V 1.1: New difficulty mode, bug fixes, and a baguette

Hello everyone!

A new download link is up that fixes a lot of errors and bugs, along with some other changes.

Some of these fixes were:

  • An error which could potentially cause the player's speed/defence to break.

  • Infinite muffins

  • Collision and typo errors

There's also an added easy mode to the game so it's more accessible for players who are not accustomed to turn-based RPGs, but want to experience the story. (Considering this is RMN I don't think many people here fit into that category, but I thought I should mention it anyway).

A full changelog that goes into more detail about the new mode and other additions is available here:


Thank you to everyone who messaged me and provided feedback on the game. I hope you all enjoy the Christmas holidays and see you next decade!

- ghosthunter


Grimm's Hollow is out!


Thank you all for your patience. The game can now be downloaded here on RMN, on Steam, or itch.io.

If you have any questions or concerns, message me here on RMN or through e-mail:

Happy Halloween,



Grimm's Hollow is out on Halloween!

Hello! I'm excited to announce that my game is finally going to release this year on October 31st. Whilst I will upload to RMN.net on the day, the game will also be available on Steam.

You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Thank you for reading.
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