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Once again, action time & puzzles, sinners!

Good day!
Today it's once again time to play an action game... in rpgmaker!!! To be precise this Inherited Sins is a RPG Maker VX Ace game made by KermexRPG in 2019.

In this short game (it took me about 95 minutes to complete, so little more than one hour and a half) we play as Aryan, that is trapped inside a strange dungeon and he has to escape with the help of a fairy named Fressia, that frequently appears in cutscenes to tell what's the next objective. Short, simple and effective!

Monsters roam the dungeon and we've to way to defend ourselves!

The game isn't about battles (happy about this, if you read some previous reviews you may probably know what I think of real time battles in rpgmaker games!) but this doesn't mean that Aryan isn't going to risk his life: there is a simple but nice interface that includes a health bar and a minimap, really useful to navigate the large dungeon-prison. But what are these puzzles that Aryan will have to solve? Well most of them consists in finding a key or other item needed to progress, and they require sometimes logical thinking and other times some dexterity... I admit I overall liked these puzzles and a I had fun!

The game includes save points that also act as healing points, and the distribution is well made, so there is no risk of losing a lot of progress. And that's obviously very good! There are in fact dangerous creatures that must be avoided (not so easy in narrow passages!) since it's not possible to attack them, luckily the minimap is useful to locate them easily.

One of the many puzzles. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what's going on and what is necessary to do!

To solve some puzzles t game sometimes need you to switch to the astral plane thanks to some special spots here and there, but this parallel dimension isn't save because here too it's possible to find some bad guys!

Graphically the game is VERY good. It may be a simple dungeon but it's well done and designed, the atmosphere is powerful, there is an extremely good use of the lights, and you will soon find a lantern that help to explore the darker areas of the dungeon. The story is also simple and direct to the point and well ties everything together. So what? Read the...

Final Verdict
Inherited Sins is a little gem, a simple but really good game that was really fun to play. No combat, just exploration, puzzles and key collecting, but all made really well and with great attention. A solid puzzle game adventure, very good under all its aspects, and good is 4/5!