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Round two

  • nouremz
  • 06/20/2021 02:00 AM
Alright lads, this is a big one.

As always, though, I'll start with an apology on how I missed last week's report. In addition, I have also not managed to work much on the main game of Trachi, barring a few changes here and there.

The reason for that, is that replaying the prologue made me realize how very much lacking it was in many different respects. Remember how I said that I'd actually remake it at some point after I released the main game? Well, as it turns out, I've changed the schedule again.

It is with great pride (actually true) that I have just released the second, revisited and in many different ways remastered version of the prologue.

For the last week, I've ported and remapped every single area into the SFM tilesets. I also went ahead and implemented an (almost) entirely new soundtrack along with a few pieces of SFX here and there. Lastly, certain narrative sequences in were adjusted, expanded, or in rare cases, cut altogether.
All of these changes give the prologue a much closer resemblance to the main game and thus the entire package should fit together a lot better.

So for anyone interested, I'd highly encourage you to start out with this version of the prologue. It will lead directly into the main story of Trachi, which will be released at some point this year.

As always, I am very appreciative of any feedback you might have. If you should encounter any bugs or other imperfections, please feel free to let me know.

In any case, it's 4 AM where I live. So I'll cut this short here and finally go to sleep.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.
Kindly yours,