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THERAPIST: Mind Manager is a life simulator.
You play as a psychotherapist in the beginning of his career. Your main goals involve keeping yourself as well as your patients psychologically healthy.

You manage your own mind by doing regular activities, like eating, sleeping, studying, relaxing and socializing. Everything you do and everything that happens to you affect your two main stats: mood and anxiety. High anxiety and low mood have a number of detrimental effects, and may make you lose control over yourself.
You manage your patients' minds through psychotherapy sessions, that function on dialog choices and skill tests based on psychological knowledge. The better your results, the better the case progresses.

The main plot revolves around dealing with a particularly difficult patient: a sex offender who will try to manipulate you and put your better judgment to test.

THERAPIST: Mind Manager is set on modern times, and most of the player's activities are those of an ordinary person: working, studying, eating, sleeping, browsing social media, relaxing, socializing, masturbating, going to places like a park, a restaurant, a nightclub, a library, or just staying at home. The player will also dwell on the world of Psychology, learning how to understand and deal with the psychological issues of his clients, improving your knowledge on specialized topics such as Cognitive Therapy and Positive Psychology, exchaging case information with colleagues and supervisors, and seeing the world through the lenses of someone with a unique grasp of human behavior.

This game is intended for mature audiences. It presents discussions on depression, mental health, licit drug abuse, suicide, sex and sexual violence.

Latest Blog

First game demo

My original intent was to not release a demo for THERAPIST: Mind Manager. I felt that it's the kind of game that either you get the full experience, or you don't quite get it. But with everything that's going on, thinking long term became something of an issue for me. Not knowing when and how I'm going to finish it, I decided to release a demo with what I have.


I think of this as not just a demo, but also a testing version of the game. The fact that all game systems are custom and event-based opens to a lot of bug possibilities. I have tested it myself extensively, but there is always one thing or another that escapes my screening. So I appreciate bug reports. Not being a native speaker, I’m also open to reports on issues with spelling, grammar and overall smoothness of the dialog. Feedbacks on everything game-experience related are also welcome.

Demo x Final version
This is a fairly robust demo, and it contains much of what you should expect from the final version. In addition to the demo version, the final version of the game will include:
  • More NPCs

  • More story events

  • Twice the duration (the demo is 15 days long, the final version will be 30).

  • A possibly different and more varied soundtrack.

  • An extra minigame.

  • 3 endings

I'll keep working on it. Hopefully fueled by some motivating feedback.
Estimated finish date is June 2020.


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I love it! Looks really interesting. Subscribed.
It's finally here!
The world stands still when a caluino game comes along :o
Great! I love how the title can both be referred to the protagonist AND to his patient. I think that the psychologist sim idea is great, my only problem is that monochrome graphics after a while hurt my eyes... but it seem so interesting.
I saw some screens of this in Discord and it's still stunning. I will play this one fore sure. Great work!
Hardcore RM guy on Unity...for now.
This looks really interesting!

Ugh, the thing is, that one particular celebrity jeopardy episode where the fake Sean Connery said "Therapist" ruined this word for me. Now whenever I see it I think of his version. >o<
This looks really interesting!

Ugh, the thing is, that one particular celebrity jeopardy episode where the fake Sean Connery said "Therapist" ruined this word for me. Now whenever I see it I think of his version. >o<

The thing is, I'm adopting the ruined version of the word in my title. ;)
Just a random RMNer once again.
this isn't the sequel to polyperv
As a demo looks very complex and interesting. I have to play more but so fare I love the clash between the retro graphics/sounds and some modern elements like the autosaves and the many (because they seems really many, at least in the beginning) choices. Unusual, will have to play more to give a decent feedback but it's promising so far.
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