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About Faith and Fire

'Faith and fire' is a narrative character driven rpg that seeks to emulate the effective and enjoyable storytelling, visual and gameplay methods of the jrpg's of the 90's, whilst combining them with themes that are gritty, dark and inspired by medieval western folklore and religion, along with elements inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft.


The game will have at least 15 hours of content, with up to 20 twenty hours for those who go the extra mile and seek out every piece of optional content.

'Faith and fire' will feature all custom tilesets and sprites, and a custom soundtrack, all made specially for the game.

The battle system is turn based, with up to four party members fighting at one time, with each character having access to a wide variety of spells known as 'miracles' to employ, as well as two 'limit break' type attacks they can also use once they have taken enough and dealt enough damage. A system in which striking enemies with certain weapons or miracles to 'break' them in a similiar fashion to the recent hit game 'octopath traveller' has also been implemented; with bosses often changing their elemental resistances during a fight to keep players on their toes.


'Faith and fire' tells the story of the son of a nobleman who is wrongfully accused of being involved in a kidnapping, and reluctantly sets out to find the kidnapped person and free him in order to clear his name. On this quest he is accompanied by four companions, each of whom will have to come to terms with their own past, flaws and faith; and better themselves if they are to face the many challenges ahead. Along this road the party will be plunged into dark and sinister scenarios involving a nefarious cult, ferocious beasts, and political intrigue.


A strange, studious young man, bastard born son of a noble lord and a peasant woman. Excluded from the affairs of state by his brutish father and his snide half brother; and unable to socialise well with anybody but his only friend Tye, he is unsure of what is to become of him, if anything. That all changes when an unfortunate set of circumstances plunges him into a dangerous quest.

Tye Allerton

Son of a shopkeeper and with the strength of a fully grown bovine, Tye allerton is a dependable, honourable, and good hearted lad. Although mostly content with his low born status, he is deeply in love with the daughter of a blacksmith, one who is determined that his precious daughter should marry someone of far higher rank than Tye. His peaceful life is interrupted by the events surrounding his good friend Henry, and he bravely ventures out with him, hammer in hand, ready to defend his friend, come what may.

Ethel Budd

A wise old woman with a tragic past, Ethel became something of a local legend when she witnessed a miracle in a cave, and ended up becoming the spiritual guide and healer to a village of peasant folk. That is until a strange young man shows up, looking for help, who may be the answer to redeeming her past mistakes...

William Fitz

A cantankerous, single minded and puritanical man, William Fitz is on the trail of a band of evildoers he has encountered in the past and will not rest until he has had vengeance upon them. Although not the most pleasant of men, he is relentless in the pursuit of justice, and will stop at nothing to put right the wrongs of the world; both those of others, and his own.

Latest Blog

Greetings from Monarch

What started out as a passing interest in game dev has grown into a year long project, one that has been both creatively fulfilling and immensely educational. Faith and fire is the first game dev project of any kind i have engaged in, and certainly will not be the last. In the time since buying rpgmaker mv and now, i have learnt almost every aspect of development to a basic level, and so have decided to dedicate myself seriously to this art, in the hope that in the future i can produce something great. The state of the game as is:

- Almost all of the custom tilesets are complete, although there are features that i need to add to them to provide more depth and detail to the environments.

- About half of the custom soundtrack is finished, although im willing to change some of those i have already done if i can improve enough between now and release to make it worthwhile.

- Script is finished and has been for sometime, although there are many optional quests that i am keen to start writing (even optional quests will have story and dialogue, no simple fetch quests here).

- Battle system is finished but there are still many enemies that i need to add and this will take up the majority of my time in the coming months.

Overall i estimate a playable free demo of the first few hours of the game will be ready within the next four months, and the finished game will be available early next year.
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Any walkhough?
You mean any game footage? not yet, there will be a trailer in the next couple of months, then il get some people to do lets play's of it. Shortly after, a demo will be up on this site for you to download for free.
Just me or does Ethel look like Michael Cera?

In all seriousness looks good.
I cannot unsee it now! lol; and thanks.
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