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Panacea is a story-driven mystery game where you play as a vampire who works at a hotel for monsters, in order to find a rumored elixir that will give you back your humanity.


Lacrima is a young woman who is turned into a vampire against her will and wishes to regain her humanity. One day, she hears a rumor about a certain elixir, known as the panacea, which is kept in a hotel in the middle of the woods. In order to find clues for it, Lacrima manages to get a job at the hotel and begins her search while slowly getting closer to her coworkers. But she must be careful... since, should her true intentions be discovered, things could take a turn for the worse.

Will she succeed at finding a cure to turn back into a human or will she remain a vampire for the rest of her life?


♦ A female protagonist
♦ A hotel full of beast-like creatures
♦ Cool illustrations for epic scenes!
♦ Dialogue, lots and lots of dialogue... and thinking monologues
♦ A good amount of comedy, because even dramatic stories can be funny
♦ A story-rich mystery adventure with around 1 hour of play-through (demo)
♦ A Blackjack mini-game that tests your courage to wager
♦ Money. Wait, what? I didn't write this one...

Important for Mac users!

Due to Apple having issues with programs that aren't made by them, I needed to include a plugin that allows you to save the game regardless. Because of this, your save files won't be inside the game folder but rather in the Library. Once you save at least once, if you wish to see your save files, go to Library --> Application Support --> Default\Panacea (the files may be outside of the folder but they'll be right below it so you can go ahead and move them inside :D).

You can download the demo over here!

If you'd like to see updates on the demo, be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram!

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