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Bill, a recent graduate of shinobi school, embarks on an adventure to find like minded people to put his skill to use and make some money. Problem is, Bill is a high level smart alec albeit, with a heart of gold.

Help Bill navigate the board game like world map where random events occur from wandering merchants to talking cats to hapless maidens to various NPCs that offer useful information. Game progression is lightning fast; levelling up is frequent and new areas discovered quickly with enemy encounters unique to said areas all sprinkled with weak attempts at witty humor.

I'm not a writer by any stretch but I decided to start this project to work on that somewhat. NPCs have dialogue that constantly change after events occurring in the world. Made with RPG Makers FES RTP resources.

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  • ten_blue_egyptians
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  • 05/13/2020 10:28 PM
  • 08/15/2020 11:41 PM
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Didn't play this very long. To say that the encounter rate is very high would be a bit of an understatement, as something happened every 1-2 steps. Mostly random battles against up to five goblins/constantly guarding slimes. I also had the event with a random Cat talking about how Shruriken are useless three times in a row, presumably in case I didn't get that using attack all over again was the best option at that point. I stopped playing after I reached Erast and entered a location there named Old Home. After leaving that location, I got teleported all the way back to the starting town instead of in front of Erast.

I like the board game aspect, but I'm not sure just how playable this is.
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