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My Biome Bio-Me Biologica: Assorted Fun Stuff

This game is scored. The lower the score the better. Par is 1 through 10.

There are different endings, these are based on how annoyed you make Fairnoth.

There are 10 Lore Books in the game. But Lore Books 9 and 10 are only available from slime drops. These are rare. They have about a 1% chance of dropping every time you play.

If you have Fairnoth's Letter, you can find an Easter Egg.

The computer at the beginning:
"Free Stuff!" doesn't end at the fourth Item.
"Version" let's you know which variation of the game you are playing. This is random. There are four versions.

And as I like to do, there is a hidden cheat tool left inside the game;

Fun codes include:
1000 (shifts to version 1)
2000 (shifts to version 2)
3000 (shifts to version 3)
4000 (shifts to version 4)
8888 (enables all versions simultaneously)
2020 (enables first person perspective)

This cheat tool can be found only in the first room. Can you find it?

Fairnoth is a character that appears in most of my games. These games are all part of a connected universe. He is, additionally, a secret playable character in Pastlife; Legend of Eloria.

His origin story is found in my game, ESOTERIC (still under development.) ESOTERIC is part 1 of a trilogy.
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