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Tower Nil

Tower Nil, also known as the Tower of the Gods, drew adventurers from around the world who wished to reach the top - for whoever makes it to the top has their deepest and innermost wish granted.

However, making it to the top, 100 floors of monsters, treasures, and traps stand in the way. Many lose hope and retreat - never to return. Many die young. Few veterans continue to try to reach the top. More act as mercenaries acquiring treasure for clients who seek artifacts or knowledge.

Rogue-like Dungeon Crawler in classic 3D style
7 Classes - Mage, Thief, Hunter, Rogue, Swordsmaster, Cleric, Paladin, Nisin
Custom Battle System

Silene - A mage
Tilisy - A cleric
Stryn - A rogue
Fairnoth - A nisin

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