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Softpedia Entry

So BQ2 was added to Softpedia by some sort of pesky person incapable of applying the font fix. I do not know why I am listed as the main developer, but my other games were added at the same time so that could be why they made that mistake...



Voting for Puzzles in BQ2

Someone pointed out to me that the voting should've taken place in a blog post for the game. They're right. It should have.

I made up categories on the spot, and then submitted my nominations for them. People have since replied to them in the thread, but I hope that they take the time to repost them here for posterity.

Here are my votes:
Best Puzzle:
Setting the Table by Gibmaker

Funnest Map:
Economy Sim by Craze

Overachiever Award:
Liberty for Riddle of 7

Biggest Rip-Off:
Zack's Chip Challenge by kentona

Shake Fist In Frustration Award:
Lazer Su Doku by GameOverGames Productions
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