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Artwork Teaser: Capital NPC's

So, it's been a while since I've done an update on any of my projects, but I wanted to start up again. Everything is fine, I just got distracted with other games (I blame Steam and their many sales). However; I am still working on my projects (back and forth) from time-to-time, and I plan on starting up again really soon.

With this update, I wanted to share some concept art for three characters you'll meet in the capital city of Sardonia. These are just a few of the many NPC's you'll encounter in Tales of Yuria 2. I'll be sharing more artwork soon.

Mama Jude (left): Shopkeeper of The Shiny Coin, a bartering shop where players will be able to take rare items they find and exchange them for other useful equipment.

High Priest (middle): One of the high priests of the Divine Order.

Exotic Goods Merchant (right): Traveling merchant selling goods at the docks: exotic ore and other materials used for crafting and weapon/armor upgrades.

If you'd like more frequent updates, be sure to join my Discord server. You can ask questions, chat with others, and even join me in voice chat while I work on my projects :-)