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It started with a quick storm, one century ago. Thunder roared through the sky and a torrential rain poured briefly. The "Tears of Magic", as it was labelled later, were believed to be tears of the goddess Aria herself, disappointed with the selfishness of mankind. When the sun started to shine again, animals became savage beasts and even people started losing their minds, attacking friends and family. The effects were more severe in those with higher magic, converting many of the strongest warriors and magicians into soulless killing machines. The few who resisted "corruption" fought to survive and protect others, but no matter how much they resisted, the waves of enemies were just endless.

When the last embers of hope were about to extinguish, the Dragon Clan came to humans aid, raising their morale and helping them recover. They divided their clan members to defend all nations and became the main force against the Great Calamity, fighting in the front lines against hordes of corrupted monsters and humans. It wasn't an easy battle, with many dragons dying and entire towns disappearing in a matter of weeks. Whenever a place was destroyed, the corrupted swarmed to attack the next, increasing the pressure to defend.

With the situation getting worse every day, it's said the Dragon Lord himself decided to dive into the depths of the Great Calamity to investigate, sensing where it all begun. A group of brave humans followed him, fighting hordes of monsters to reach their destination. After a couple of weeks, the Great Calamity ended and the heroes returned triumphant. The Dragon Lord, however, sacrificed himself to put an end to that madness, with his last words being "the lives of many outweighs the life of one".

The Dragon Clan was almost wiped and the few survivors were never seen again. Humans, on the other hand, associated the Great Calamity to the use of magic, creating different organizations to control or forbid such practices.



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This game looks absolutely amazing and beautiful so far. I love the BoF games and this is obviously filled with inspiration from that. I can't wait to see more! :D
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Capcom won't give us a proper new Breath of Fire for no apparent reason, so I guess this is the next best thing! Looking REALLY good so far!
Thanks for making this ambitious project. Wish you the best of luck fellow brood!
Good lord this beautiful. To say I'm excited to try it out AND that it's giving me strong BoF vibes and that makes my hair stand on end cuz you've no idea how badly I wanna play stuff in that vein...fuuuuuuu-

I love what I see.
Thank you guys so much!
It makes us so happy to get such positive feedback!

That is some amazing art
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