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Originally uploaded in June 13, 2020 on itch.io as a submission to "I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game (Again)" game jam: https://ivanezrus.itch.io/toothy-and-the-fantastic-sandwich

Toothy is the Tooth Knight. But he has many titles, see? He is a warrior, a doctor, a boxer, and even a part-time musician. But that's not what we talk about here. We are talking about Toothy the Gourmet and how his gluttony has send him into a one heck of adventure!

Join Toothy in his various shenanigans in a crudely drawn magical world full of wacky creatures who would love to have a word with our hero! Or would they? Hopefully they would, we didn't really see him hurt anyone, why are you guys running?


- Toothy the Tooth Knight;

- a weird but welcoming world (even if not exactly)

- system of teleportation via coordinates

- a bunch of simple puzzles;

- a number of ducks;

- a number of sheeps;

- a humongous cat;

- an astounding lack of music and sounds;

- possible updates in the future, 'cause I really feel like I could've done more, but can't quite make it right now, you know how that sorta thing feels...

I hope you will enjoy it :)

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