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<<< Looking for super early testers, see note at the bottom >>>

After Lucy finds a strange amulet, she is thrown into a conflict risking to upset more than just one realm: cut off from her family, friends, and suddenly finding herself amidst foreign kingdoms and sinister forces, she will have to rally her new followers and discover the secrets of the amulet before it is too late.

In your travels through Ethaveon, you will encounter:

  • Many different locations in a traveling tale through an original fantasy world
  • Diverse cast in a plot heavy game that will keep you on your toes
  • Optional romance subplots
  • Turn-based battles with a complex damage system and custom mechanics
  • A diverse orchestral score with musical themes that hopefully will stick with you

Technical features:

  • Releases for Windows and Linux, possibly Mobile at some point
  • Controls support any of mouse, or keyboard, or gamepad, or touch screen
  • Made for 16:9 widescreens

While made with RPG Maker MZ, the game is made with fully custom tilesets, custom character artwork, and unique music. It also uses custom scripts written specifically for the game.

I am almost always looking for more early testers. Contact me if interested.

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