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You play as a girl who wakes up in the middle of a classroom, wondering what happened. As you traverse the school, the place twists and turns into a nightmarish place. The cause of it all seems to be awaiting at the front entrance.

This is, more or less, The Crawling Impossibilities. There will be vague and uncertain points about the game, especially if you obtain one of the more serious endings.

This game is not suitable for children, of for those who are easily disturbed!

Aside from that, it takes mere minutes to complete. There are certain bonuses connected to timed button-presses, and a bonus that can be present at random each time you visit one of few classrooms in the beginning of the game (note: it no longer spawns after being obtained).

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  • 09/23/2020 02:55 AM
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Everything you do leads to the one point when your blood turns into banana juice.
The aesthetic is interesting. I think the intent is for the game to feel slow-paced, surreal and absurd but I think it went too heavy on the slooooow-pacing for my taste. The controls really drag and some rooms or hallways long enough that I just didn't find myself motivated to explore because of this. I think it is odd, brief and intriguing enough to warrant playing at least once though.
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