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NIRAVASI Devlog (23/02/2021): The Path to Succession

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Hey everyone,

Here we are again; another week and another Devlog for NIRAVASI. Last week, I talked a bit about some of the in-game backstory that players will be facing as they continue their adventure through the cursed city, as well as touch on the story of our little fuzzy protagonist and how he's found himself here.

This week, I'm going to touch on some more meta-related details, such as the SOVERAM business and the release of a second demo for the game (which you can download now!)

The Business Side of Things

So some of you keen-eyed viewers may have noticed this logo at the start of NIRAVASI's intro-sequence, as well as the promotional poster. Well this is the logo of my self-employed start-up company known as SOVERAM LTD. As my intention for NIRAVASI is for it to be a commercial release, I wanted to create a business that could be used as a service to provide it. Additionally, if things in the future go well as far as video game development goes, I can continue to use this business to produce titles for many months/years to come. However, this is all pure speculation and nothing has been fully finalised. After all, we'll need to see how successful NIRAVASI ends up being before we can make any crazy plans like this. :)

As such, any work I create in the future will be under the SOVERAM LTD brand. I'll still refer to myself as Angus, Sangos or KingSangos for more casual online interactions, but in regards to professional business enquires, SOVERAM will be my go-to method of communication.

Another Demo

Something else you guys/gals/creatures may have noticed is a brand new update for those of you following the project. As I mentioned two weeks ago, I wanted to make a new release of the game's demo to showcase the changes that I made in response to player feedback. While there's a lot of little tweaks I've made, here's some of the bigger updates given:

Removed the Storybook Introduction.
Redesigned the Introduction Level.
Optimised Proxy Chase Encounter. (Level 1)
Reduced number of obstacles in Water Encounter. (Level 2)
Improved the layout of Old Hanirr's four temples. (Level 1)
Optimised and improved dialogue.

There's definitely a lot more changes that have been included, but I'll leave some of these as little surprises for anyone that wants to give the demo another short OR is a first-time player and wants to give the game another shot.

Potential Video Devlogs

While developing NIRAVASI and interacting with everything popping up on Social Media, a thought crossed into my mind. The Kickstarter campaign will be ending within a Month's time from now and after that, the amount of demo content being provided on other websites (aside from Press Kit and Kickstarter Backer Benefits) will be almost little-to-none. With that said, I know a lot of you enjoy reading this Weekly Devlogs and I don't plan on stopping them anytime soon.

However, would you as this game's followers being interested if I were to create a monthly series of videos documenting these changes, as well as talk a little bit about the process behind developing the game? I would theoretically release these segments at the end of every month from March onwards, and try to maintain a consistent schedule with it. I can always run a test run of it at the end of March to see how it goes, but ultimately it's up to you all if you would prefer me to spend more time developing the game itself, rather than the assets needed to produce video logs like this. I'll touch a bit more on this topic as the weeks go on, but we'll have to see what's what until then.

That about wraps it up for this week's Devlog. I hope you've had a fun time these past months watching the development of NIRAVASI and I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word of this game's development and the Kickstarter project as a whole! If you have any questions and/or feedback you'd like to make known to me, you know where to contact me. :)

Kind regards,
Angus (Sangos)