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Welcome to the land of Portucale. It is the year 10457 of the Human Era (Holocene Calendar). Humanity cohabits the Earth with many other intelligent lifeforms in this alternate reality. One day, one mysterious entity threatens to harm the very reality the people live in. A certain group of people bring upon themselves prevent such event from occuring.

Set in medieval times, the story of this JRPG (RPG with focus on storytelling) follows the main characters in their travels and lives and their eventual reunion. Inspired by Final Fantasy VI and IX.

It will be available to download on both GameJolt, itch.io and here on RMN as well!

It uses RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP (RunTime Package), in other words, the assets that come with the engine's purchase. It will be free, not paid. Don't let that affect your decision about playing the game. One of the purposes of this game is to show how a good game can be made with RPG Maker's stock assets.

It should be noted that of those stock assets, only certain graphical assets and sound effects will be used.

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Dropped out of game jam

Due to personal and family issues, I dropped out of the game jam I was participating. However, the game's still in development.
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  • KilerDiLeo
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  • 11/07/2020 11:28 PM
  • 12/04/2020 02:32 AM
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