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Fifteen years ago, the world was struck by a horrendous plague. The dead arose from their graves and waged war against all living beings. It was only thanks to a small group of brave heroes that they did not succeed. The heroes defeated the lord of the undead - the Horned One - and sealed him inside an amulet. After the Horned One had been vanquished, all his servants disintegrated into dust, as if they had never been, and peace returned once again.

Sareela, a country on the southern fringe of a great desert and home of the Spellwarrior Ruya, was largely spared from the undead plague. For this reason, Ruya is all the more appalled, when she is attacked by undead. Undead that shouldn't exist without their master.

The classic fantasy role-playing game continues the story of its predecessor Eterna, but I would rather call it a spinoff than a sequel. The plot takes place at a different location and the player controls a brand-new party. There are some references, but it is not necessary to have played the first game.

Although Eterna 2 is mostly linear, there are quite a few hidden locations and side quests to discover. The game uses a turn-based custom battle system that emphasizes the use of elements and debuffs to exploit enemy weaknesses. While battles are the main focus of the gameplay, there are other challenges like puzzles or obstacles that only can be removed with the right elemental magic.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Your graphical style is absolutely awesome. Great to see more stuff in english from you!
Desert setting is a tasty dressing.
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