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DOWNLOAD LINK: https://team-shiraga.itch.io/chaoswarzoneact2

In a world surrounded in complete chaos, Sonic & Shadow find themselves facing off with a new enemy named Alpha who manages to destroy the Master Emerald which causes the balance of the universe to break.

Realizing the Severity of the situation Sonic & Shadow unify their power for a final stand with Alpha but when they arrive to end things with him, he’s ready to jump into another universe using a portal of distortion. As they follow him through this portal, their unified power eventually diminishes and the Chaos Emeralds separate!

“It’s all now up to YOU!”

Embark on this Action/Adventure RPG as you help to restore the balance which has been broken by Alpha.

“The power is in your HANDS!”

Destiny will begin to play its part as three new heroes are summoned to help bring back the peace and stop Alpha's destruction!

“Do you have what it takes to restore peace and the balance of the universe?”

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