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Brothers Under Fire: Spring's Deliverance is a game made for RMN’s Seasons Event #4 about Spring.

Story- Separated from the rest of their platoon during the Winter Occupation, five soldiers must escape a war-torn land and reach freedom. Without support or supplies they must rely on each other and scavenge the ruins for vital resources while avoiding the ‘Tans’, a battle-hardened foe numbering in the tens of thousands. With Spring’s thaw, will they be able to succeed or merely be another casualty of war?


Gunter “Sarge”- A veteran soldier who has fought on many battlefields for many years. A grandfather of 63 grandchildren he looks at those under his command as his delinquent sons.

Jan “High Hat”- Played the drums in Secondary School and was looking to go pro. Joined up when the Tans occupied his homeland.

Morris “Smiles”- Was in a motorcycle gang before being given the choice of being drafted or serving time in prison for endangerment of local botany. Has gained a healthy appreciation for killing.

Clarence “Glint”- Served with Sarge before being counter-sniped and losing his dominant eye along with his humor. Has learned to shoot left-handed to get revenge.

Arthur “Patches”- Originally a medic before the Winter Occupation, he was assigned to Special Operations when Administration deduced there was a lack of medical personnel.

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