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Ara Fell Cameo in RMN Holiday Calendar

  • kiyasu
  • 03/20/2023 10:36 AM

This part of the RMN Holiday Calendar game includes the world of Ara Fell (Stegosoft Games), at 1:20:22, as a part of the game. I participated in the 2022 RMN Holiday Calendar event, where a DLC-like "expansion" with entries would be added to the main game. HOWEVER, Frogge delayed the release of it, so I played the 2021 version instead.

People from the RPG Maker community who appear as "characters" in the 2021 version of the RMN Holiday Calendar: Amysaurus, Aquatorrent, Archeia (Nessy/VisuStella), Arcmagik, Benny Jones (RPG Maker Cola), Cazwolf, Chibi (Chibs/Chibae/BritishGamer/Rooodworks), Delsin7, Dudesoft, El_WaKa, Frogge, Illy, kory_toombs, Kylaila, Mirak, Muffle, Oathwood, orochii, Ozzy, Liberty, Pianotm, Starmage, watermark, and others.