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This game is part of the Repent Loci series.

A divorced, christian woman lives in the former couple's house, with her daughter and dog. As she deals with the petty aftermath of the divorce, she develops strange habits that seem to culminate in demons taking over her house, and judging her. But she won't have it, or perhaps her daughter won't have it, nothing seems very clear.

Estimated playtime: 20 to 40 minutes.
The game is short and fairly simple. Much of it is storytelling (as a contribution to Repent Loci's lore), but it features:
- a variant of a liquid transfer minigame, of which higher difficulties are optional
- slight experimentation regarding lighting and music
- and some demon pursuing.

Warnings :
- domestic/animal abuse undertones
- alcohol consumption undertones
- maybe epilepsy, the lighting is bouncy

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