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False Rebirth is a dark, psychological, story-focused game about the last remaining human, and his search for meaning in a world where everyone else is dead.

The protagonist, an aspiring game developer, is able to survive through the apocalypse, because of his ability to see death, before it actually happens.
He survives, without being able to save anyone else.
He survives, and finds there's no one else that is left.
He survives, now questioning every moment of his existence. Pulling on memories and ideas and fantasies... anything to help him find some meaning for why he is still alive. And what meaningful thing he could be doing, to continue justify living.
This is a story of those memories, and ideas, and fantasies... as they manifest and materialize in this world where no one's left alive to remind you... that it's all in your head.
For in this world, whatever's in your head, is all that there is.

In this experience, you explore a modern-desolate, post-apocalyptic city... but be mindful, of what's real, and what's painted there by your head.
While fantasy might look, and sound, and feel more colorful than reality. It is... still temporary.
A temporary, fake spot to explore ideas, until you find the meaning you're looking for. As you you find... that meaning. You have to return back to reality, because the fantasy has done its job.
But will you... though?
But can you... though?
Will you deny the comfort of fantasy, for reality?
Or will you deny the discomfort of reality, for fantasy?

You simply walk from point 'A' to 'B', read dialogues, make choices, and progress through the story.
Featuring 6 Endings: 1 True, 5 False.
And small Graphical & Narrative Randomizations whenever you start a new game.
With total playtime ranging from 40 minutes, to 2 hours.
Note: This game autosaves. (There's no manual saving.)

Development & Release
Originally released as a buggy mess in February 2019. I washed my hands off this game because fixing it would have taken half its development time. (Development time being 1.5 months.)
I ended up fixing it, improving the graphics, and adding an extra ending, in around September 2020. (When I finally figured out the root cause of all the bugs. And how easy of a fix it was. Thus, the re-release ended up using 15 days only.)
This re-release is labeled as the Enhanced Edition.

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