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The year is 2050 and the world has changed. Countries no longer exist and only corporations rule the world as a means to control the population. Corporations compete with each other to gain the most control and influence and do this by hiring private military companies or PMC soldiers. You play as Warren, a veteran PMC solider, hired by the Perseus corporation. In your newest assignment, you are tasked in capturing Dr. Vile, a leading expert on biotechnology. You are told he has created a break through in viral induced human genome enhancement. Although the mission seems routine, something is bound to go amiss.
You will lead your team into the Sons of Armitage ; a terrorist organization who is working directly with Dr. Vile, extract him to safety and learn exactly what he has discovered. Will the doctor come willingly? Has his discovery just been a ploy? Who can you trust?
Change log
-fixed H-suit puzzle that if player put incorrect sequence in, puzzle would lock up. This has been fixed so that player can attempt unlimited times
-fixed grammar and text being cut off
-minor balance changes

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V1.1 has been released
-BIG update for the game, as pointed out from a reviewer, if the incorrect sequence is done for the H-SUIT puzzle, the puzzle locks up and becomes unavailable. This has now been fixed and puzzle works as intended to
-grammar and text updates
-minor balance issues changed
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  • fatalis
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Action
  • 07/14/2021 05:16 PM
  • 02/18/2022 01:29 AM
  • 07/01/2021
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