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Twilight Memoria Sun and Moon is an RPG game where you play as two kids living their daily life in the setting of fantasy full of monsters. The kids are Rucifar Demien, the son of a famous adventurer in the village, and Luna Silver the prodigy child in alchemy. The boy is the fighter type, while the girl is the support type, the boy is stupid, while the girl is weak, the boy's forte is the girl's weakness, and vice versa. In short, they complete each other.

While they are just two kids in a peripheral village, they just not playing around the village, but they also helping people through requests gathered by the village's chief and teaching each other to cover one weakness.

Relieve your childhood with this heartwarming game and fill your oldest wooden sword memory as Rucifar! Make your dream comes true to have a sweet girl beside you all the time which is Luna! Recall the moment of your puberty when you fall in love for the first time, and how you face this new world of romance. Explore the mystery that happened in the village, and prove to the adult your worth as a kid!

《Main Features》
■Unique Battle System!
While Rucifar will be facing monsters, Luna will take the supporting role to use Items to heal Rucifar or throw some bomb at the monsters! But be aware, that the monsters will not wait for you to ready your stance! Every battler has their own ATB, thus you must be quick and be prepared to face the monsters. Remember that Rucifar and Luna are just a kid, battling a monster will be very difficult for them.

■Alchemy System!
From recovering your wound, to attack the monsters with a bomb, and fulfilling the requests from the villagers. Alchemy is the key! BUT, the process is a bit.... unique. The ingredients decide the result! Since the recipe of the alchemy just listing the type of the ingredient, there are some varieties on the ingredients itself! When you are asked to make a potion, you have to gather some 'Liquid' and a 'Leaf', but it's your choice to choose which 'Liquid' you are going to use! You can even use monster blood as an ingredient!


Rucifar Demien

Age : 12

Son of a famous mercenary, energetic boy from Raffident. He has strong physical ability but, he has a problem when it comes to cognitive ability. With his strength, he wants to protect everyone's smile, especially Luna.

Luna Silver

Age : 11

A cheerful little girl who is a prodigy in alchemy. She loves reading, observing, experimenting (even the dangerous one), and teasing Rucifar. She has mysterious side that not everyone aware of it.

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  • 08/17/2021 03:18 AM
  • 10/29/2021 01:59 AM
  • 08/21/2021
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Hello, we are here to introcude our game.

We are a small team of indie game developers who passionately developed this game to share our love for JRPGs.

Do you like JRPGs with Active Time Battle System? do you like JRPGs where you can craft various useful items and immerse yourself in the world in and out of combat? do you want to experience a heartwarming story that brings you in touch with your feelings and inspire you? then maybe Twilight Memoria is a game for you!

Here you play as Rucifar the scythe-wielding boy and Luna the alchemist girl. Ruci is strong physically but he is not very bright. Luna is very smart but not strong physically. Guide these cute children in an adventure full of surprises in cheerful setting full of monsters! create powerful combos, explore, and craft items for the villagers who need them in their journey! Twilight Memoria is out tomorrow on Steam, August 20th, 2021. We will be waiting for you in this magnificent adventure!

We will hear, appreciate and response every feedback to our games ^^
Please don't be shy and feel free express your opinion here ^^

We are now ranked Top 15 JRPG and Top 2 RPG Maker Games on New and Trending Steam Store!!! Thank you to everyone who supported us and bought our games! We wish the best for all of you. We will 100% hear any feedback and will improve better and better. Thank you for this community is so awesome!

Hi folks ^^
Twilight Memoria is now at a Discount of 25%
It's a good deal and lasts until 2 November 2021 ^^
Thank you very much

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