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A detective game about a young detective named Ralphie who longs to find his missing father. In this demo project, you play as his father Adrian (Detective Ragger) before he goes missing and experience what led up to the situation. This demo plays through Adrian's detective case to find some thugs who have kidnapped a client's wife.

This project was created in 2014-2015 using RPG Maker VX Ace for my senior thesis project. I plan to eventually update this for RPG Maker MZ and create the full game someday. It's been on hold for a while, but I wanted to share this demo here!

Originally I had made a draft of this game in RPGmaker 2003 about 5-6 years before this demo, but this is the revamped version where I fixed a lot of things up and actually used all of my own art to create the game.

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Download Link Added

I added the download link now that this page has been approved! Since it was made in VX Ace, there's only a download available for Windows. I've included the RTP so you don't have to have VX Ace installed in order to play it.