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A group of friends, "New Wakanda", finds themselves being warped into a strange mixture of different worlds from fiction and entertainment which they soon discover to be the doing of a mysterious, definitely not cliche cloaked man named Zero. How and why did he do this? Is there any way to get back home? Can we marry 2D women now? These are all questions the gang will have to answer as they adventure forth across this strangely familiar landscape. It won't be easy though, because a whole gauntlet of dangerous pop culture references will try to stop them at every corner.

The main game contains 8 worlds and plenty of dungeons filled with different characters that can offer insight from anything to lore, references, and gameplay, so each run can vary from about 8-12 hours depending on what you accomplish or discover.

This RPG primarily focuses on its customizable 4-member combat system in which the player can choose from several different characters, all with different playstyles and weapons with unique effects for each of them throughout the game. The main story allows the player to experience each different character as they're introduced to give them an idea of what they're all about, as well as have an idea for a team composition for the endgame. Basically, if you're familiar with the TP/MP combat system, you'll have a great time with this! There are also a handful of puzzles and secrets throughout the game which can greatly increase the playtime. Who knows? Maybe there's more to explore than meets the eye...

You can watch the trailer here!

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