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Maker: RPG Maker MV
Genre: Puzzle game
Project status: Early Access (Demo available)
Language: English

Move that Box is a retro, arcade, top-down style action-puzzle game based on logical thinking, but also requiring reflexes. The game draws handfuls from Bomberman and Sokoban.

Player task is simple: get form point A to point B, by moving boxes and solving puzzles. Move, push, throw, melt and even blow up items to reach the goal.

Your love has been captured by aliens! She's stranded somewhere on their mothership! You must find her. But be careful - that ship is full of weird boxes! Put on alien suit and push through levels!

Puzzle Style Gameplay - Mix of puzzles that require logical thinking, reflexes and blowing up stuff!
Bomb System - Bombs that explode destroying "everything" within one square - there are two types - static pre set on maps, but in full game you will be able to use them more Bomberman style,
Boxes - Various types of boxes that we can interact with. Wooden: Can be pushed through, Metal: only a bomb explosion will move them, etc.
Custom Graphics, Music and sound effects - Graphics, music and sound effect entirely prepared by me,
Additional levels - With "Story Mode" completed you can try yourself in time and steps challenges,
Collectibles - You can unlock a special skins for your hero!

Retro style, with modern twist, pixel art game. 100% art made by me.

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After playing the demo I have to say that it was really pleasant experience. I like the diversity of levels, and hope that full version will have interesting roster of worlds.
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