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Update Log

Patch 1.1G - 25.10.2021

- Killing Blow does not work in important battles.
- Killing Blow does not affect main heroes.
- Average Level of group required to enter Tower Of Illusion dropped
from 5th Level to 4th Level.

- Potions in battle now have their own animations.
- Autosave feature does not cause a lag when occurs.
- Added Gamepad configuration in options
(Keyboard is still not present, maybe in patch 1.1H it will be)

- Magic Crystals boosts parameters value now
is 10 (previously it was 5)

- Lantern fuel runs out much slower.
- Slightly improved mining system (visually).
- Fixed bug when opening Quest with Tower Of Illusions proper message
didn't show at all.
- Partially fixed problem with Light FX layers when switching
between game windows such as "Bagpack", "Equipment" etc.
- Fixed problem with overlaping game hints and dialogues.
- Important battles (related to story) cannot be forfeited.
- Boosted game resolution from 1024x576 to 1152x648
- More Game Hints explaining game mechanics
- Turn order in battles is now more randomized
- Removed totally 5th chapter (it's a crap...)
- During battle you gain Guild Rank points.
- Added Additional window in battle to display turn order of
heroes and enemies.

- Instant Kill now has own custom animation, along with boxing
bell sound to make easier to understand what just happened in battle.

- Lightning Cage now has calculation in skill description to display
percentage probability of successful skill use.

- Salt can be used in battle on enemies, but it will work against
banshees, shades and witches.

- Since the victory message is based on default MV message window I've added a
counter of looted items from battle, so the player won't be confused or
irritated with really big windows.

- Telthos' skill "Iron Body" is replaced with skill "Lion's Courage" - this
skill grants +55% extra damage for direct attack (not for skills), raises
strength 2x and recieved damage from magic and melee attacks
also 2x - lasts 5 turns.

- Increased party's movement speed from 3.43 to 3.58
- When enemy's HP drops to 20% enemy may escape from group.
- Rhino Stomp, Earth Quake and Call Of The Spirits skills can't damage
flying enemies.

- Spiritual Strike now can damage Ghosts, Banshees and Shades.
- At least 30 points of Intelligence is required to use Tome of Power
for specific hero.

- Added Party rank indicator in HUD.
- Non-usable items are now marked in grey so the
player knows that the item is not for typical use.

- Fixed bug where potions could be used on dead friends.
- Fixed weather bug in 5th chapter (it was raining in caves).
- Experience Chests now gives exp randomly between 150 and 300
(Exp chest can be empty, with no XP - 10%).