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Anamei Productions

Note: Before playing please install the FORTE font from the game folder! (Right click and select "Install")
Each episode contains the one before it, so there's no need to download early episodes!

Welcome to the world of Cast Aside.

You'll play the role of a young girl with a dull future ahead of her. A kitchen assistant and foster-daughter to the island's most powerful Luminary, you wonder if your life is really worth living... How will her life unfold? You'll need to play to find out!

Cast Aside is an episodic game where your Save File will transfer from one episode to the next. Released long ago, Cast Aside has seen a lot of work since then.


Rayne: The main character, Rayne struggles in her everyday life. Living with the legacy of parents who bailed out of debt and left her behind, she feels she needs to make up for their sins and her foster-parents kindness by being what they want.

Kael: A childhood friend of Rayne, Kael is a spirited youth with a seeming gift for the spear and combat training.

Cast Aside is a story heavy game with a lot of puzzles. Combat is based on an Active Tactical System and will sometimes integrate the terrain and puzzles into combat.

Cast Aside introduces several new features with it's custom ATBS including attribute values on the map that can be used to entirely change the flow of combat, from increasing the range of attacks, to making them hit more targets, to causing an increase in regen or attack to the user.


Message script: ccoa
Menu system and cursor: Raziel and Selwyn
Icons: Whitecat

Latest Blog

New Facesets

Started work on some new faces:

I have a hard time simplifying things. Sticking with ver 3 for all facesets.
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  • 06/20/2009 02:54 PM
  • 11/24/2018 04:50 PM
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It looks pretty interesting! For now I'll put it in my playlist (I'm playing other games right now), but I'll play it as soon as I can!
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