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note: this is the reworked version from my previous game with same name in 2008.

"Soul is what creates life. However, when someone offers his soul to a new 'life', is that one still considered as... 'human'?"

Eternal woke up, knowing she was already dead. Having no memory of her past, she who had sold her soul for a second life, pursue Origin, the only clue she had.

Humans who sold their soul become an Alive, the symbiotic being consisted of human and his/her Soulmate. They freed themselves from their death, in exchange for something dearest to their own self.

1. Battle mode

  • Battle System is delivered in CBS (reference from Wild Arms 2 Force System)

2. Investigation Mode

  • In town, you must investigate through people to understand what had happened. After you understand what might had happened, in this mode you try to discover the truth (reference from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

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First of all, thank you very much for your interest to this game. The other part ~Final Arc unfortunately is still in idea exploration staging. I will try to finish the story in 2022, hopes this can finally completed.
this game has 2 arcs? and i'll need hepl with the six chests part of adi's story, please?
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